All peels involved are an all natural or chemical solution to remove the outer or top layer of skin so that a smoother, more evenly toned, fresh layer of skin can appear. It loosens the glue that holds the dead and dying skin cells in place. In some cases no visible signs of peeling will occur and in other cases you will begin to “shed” in 3-5 days and may experience some redness. This varies on skin type, skin condition and strength of peel used. Your skin will be smoother, with a radiant glow. Great for sun damaged skin, sun spots, fine lines, dull skin and acne scarring.

You will definitely benefit from one treatment, but for best results several treatments are recommended booked 2 weeks apart. Sunscreen must be worn after a peel.

Progressive Peels

Single $75

Series of 3 $210


Mid-Depth Peels

Single $110

Series of 3 $300


Deep Peels

Single $175

Series of 3 $495


Organic Deep Sea Peels

Single $250

Series of 3 $690

For the Mid-Depth and Deeper Peels

A skincare consultation is required before your appointment and a home treatment regime needs to be started 2 weeks prior to the peel procedure. Call for more information.