At Pacific Skin care, we are experts in product ingredient knowledge who specialize in acne treatments and anti aging skincare. We offer only all natural mineral makeup with non-clogging ingredients, and no irritants, for breathable coverage and glowing skin. Most over the counter skincare and makeup products are loaded with fillers, petrochemicals, irritating botanicals, artificial dyes, heavy metal by products, and chemical preservatives. We know our clients do not need or deserve these types of inferior products. We are here to help with the most beneficial, breathable mineral makeup available on the market. Our desire to offer only the best, prompted us to help develop a superior make up line called “Mineral Evolution,” so that we can be sure our clients will have nothing but the finest, most healthy products available, and at affordable prices.

Schedule your complimentary color match or book more time for a makeup lesson or makeup application for a special event or seasonal makeup update.

Special Occasion Makeup Application $95

We add a light exfoliation and oxygen infusion with smoothing serums for your perfect flawless skin to have the perfect canvas for your special makeup application. Your skin will look radiant the whole day!

Makeup Lesson or Makeup Application $65


Makeup Color Match

Complimentary, after your facial or as a 20 minute appointment